Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last day as a gender neutral pregnant person...

So if my title didn't make sense, this is the last day before we find out "who" is growing in there! I wanted to share some of my thoughts. First of all, before I was pregnant, I'd ask other pregnant people if they prefer a boy or girl, and they would say, "Oh, either..I just want a healthy baby." And I thought, "thats a bunch of crap." But now that I'm there, I totally agree!! However, my only thing is I do hope that whatever the doc tells me "it" is, that it is accurate. I really don't want to bring a boy home to a pink room. But I've got fabulous friends and family that would probably rush to my house and slap a coat of blue paint on top of it in a jiffy!! :)
I am almost halfway through my pregnancy, and I gotta say that I am so blessed. So far it has been a breeze. No sickness or anything! The only symptoms I've had are tiredness in the first trimester, and that really wasn't bad because I have a fabulous hubby who didn't care that I didn't get off the couch for 13ish weeks, and then within the past week, my feet have begun to swell. Again, I married a man that is ok with me propping my feet up when I get home, so its all good!! Other than that, I feel great. I'm just happy all the time, and that is a wonderful feeling. And Matt can do no wrong in my eyes right now, so I think that is why he is happy all the time too!! It is just a thrilling, exciting, happy, emotional time in our life right now, and I am so grateful that God has blessed us in this way. It has strengthened my ability to trust in the Lord and lean on him. I pray much more fervently now, I trust him more whole-heartedly, and I have found pure joy in the Lord for realizing his love for me in the way He blesses us. And when I say emotional time, I have tears in my eyes right now while writing this!! All this to say, I've heard of the joy & excitement a child brings to a family, but now that I'm starting to experience a taste of it, it is pure bliss. And the cool thing, its just gonna get better!

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