Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Motherhood: 2 Months In

Well, Owen is now officially 2 months old, and I have to say, motherhood is fabulous! I just love being a mom. I love taking care of him and I crack up at how his laundry is always clean and his room is always spotless....and then there's my stuff. My stuff is the last to get what if I have to febreze a pair of dirty pants off the floor to wear to least Owen looks cute!! LOL!! (I've only done that once, by the way. And don't judge me because it was my first week back and it was hard getting up to go somewhere that early!)

Anyway, my point is, just these 2 short months of being a mom has completely transformed who I am. I realized how self absorbed I was before and how selfless I have become, which has really surprised me. I thought it would be hard to put myself last, but it is so not hard at all because of the love I have for Owen.

I am so blessed that God gave us a child. I wish everyone in this world could have a child because the way I think about my relationship with my heavenly Father has completely changed, and I think if I never did have a child of my own, I wouldn't fully "get it." What I mean is, I have thought about what Jesus did for me...not what was done for people in general, but for ME. God allowed Jesus to die on the cross for ME. He allowed "His Owen" to die for me. I think about the love I have for Owen, and I would not let him die for anyone, especially people who would mock and scorn him, spit on him, curse him or not even believe he existed. It is so humbling when I think about it that way. I was moved to tears and just thanked God for his love for me.

I challenge you the next time you pray to truly show appreciation for God sending his son to die for you, and not just say it flippantly, but to truly be humbled and recognize what Jesus did. And not only when you pray, but to live your life in such a way that shows you are appreciative.

I know I struggle daily to be the Christian I want to be. But knowing that God loves me unconditionally helps me get back on track. I'm so thankful and blessed to be a child of God, and my prayer is that I live my life in such a way that MY child will be too.

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