Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's all downhill from here...

So far, pregnancy has been a breeze. I was so thankful to not have any morning sickness or any sickness period. However, the last couple of weeks have had a slight change of pace. First of all, I've started getting up to go to the bathroom every morning at either 4:30 or 5:15. It's weird how it is like RIGHT on the dot of one of those times when I wake up. This is odd to me because I NEVER wake up in the middle of the night and never have. I am trying to enjoy the fact that I can just get back in bed and go back to sleep without having to feed someone, change a diaper, hold a crying child, etc., so its not that bad in the grand scheme of things, but it is annoying. And I try to roll over and fall back to sleep to make the sensation go away, but it doesn't. Gets worse. So I have to climb out of my warm, perfect position where I can finally breathe and feel comfy, and go sit on a cold toilet sit. Ugh. Secondly, I feel like it takes work to get a really deep breath. Like, I have to sit up strait, tilt my head back a bit, and then breathe to get that deep breath that feels like, "ahh." So I feel like one of those really big guys that are so overweight that they are out of breath when they walk from the couch to the bathroom. So thats annoying. Thirdly, I have made it hard for Matt to sleep because I am already a talker in my sleep, but I've started making this weird goat noise while I sleep...the way Matt "re-enacts" it, it sounds like a goat and a baby cooing at the same time..kind of a "a-a-a-a-a-oooooh" mixed with a quiet groan. So thankfully, that doesn't bother ME much, but I do feel sorry for Matt! Ok, where am I at on the list? Fourthly, I noticed my first stretch mark on my tummy yesterday. That was actually really hard for me to stomach, no pun intended. I will say, not trying to brag, but I inherited really smooth, pretty skin on my tummy from my mom (thanks, Madre!) and now it will never be the same again. Fifthy, I now have cankles. The swelling of my ankles is just crazy. I get sock lines when I wear socks, and my legs are so white that when I take the socks off, it looks like I still have socks on because of the swelling/sock lines. Ok, this is all the moaning and growning you will "hear" or read from me. I am not a complainer by nature, but I do just want to be honest about what I am going through at this point. I'm just a little nervous because I already have these "ailments" and I still have 4 months to go..hence the "its all downhill from here." So everything will probably get worse over the next few months, however, I will soon have one sweet, precious gift from God to take my mind off of it all!

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  1. All of your "symptoms" are almost mirrored to me (with Talon). They did get slightly worse, but, for the most part, that was it. A few things I learned: 1 Don't look at the clock when you get up to pee. If you see that it is only an hour until you need to get up, you will have trouble going back to sleep 2 You think you hate the stretch marks, but, when he is 5 you will look at them and feel a pang of nostalgia! 3 Be on the lookout for slippers that look like shoes -- you may be wearing them for those last 2 months. Good luck!